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Co-ed League Development


Rocky Mountain Basketball League philosophy


It is very difficult to find enough evenly matched teams to make a co-ed league enjoyable for all participants. Normally, the league ends up with two really good teams, two okay teams, and two teams just out for the exercise. In order for that not to happen in our league and to make our co-ed league the most competitive and fun it can be, we run this league a little differently.


  • All players show up at the same time
  • Players are split into two teams
  • Players pay a per week game fee
  • Each player’s win/loss record tracked




  • Parity
  • Gives each player a good game
  • Encourages individuals to sign up


As the number of players increase each week teams will naturally develop. And that will be how we will most fairly develop co-ed teams.


If you have questions, please give us a call at 720.998.4667 or email us at


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